Pakistani reporter does live cross neck-deep in floodwater

News 31/07/2019

Now this is the definition of putting your body on the line

A Pakistani reporter has gone viral for crossing live while neck-deep in floodwater.

Local channel GTV News posted video of the live cross on YouTube, titling it "Pakistani reporter in floodwater, risks his life in danger to perform his duties".

The news anchor in the video identified the reporter as Azadar Hussain when crossing to him, his body completely covered in water and only his head and microphone visible.

"In Kot Chatta's Region of Jhakkar Imam Shah the level of the Indus river is rising steadily, and has covered thousands of acres of agricultural land," RTE reports he said.

"The water is now moving towards residential areas. Local residents told us that district authorities have not taken any action and the rainwater is now moving towards residential localities and crops have been submerged."

Twitter users quickly shared the video for a laugh, but a few others pointed out the serious side.

"This clip has gone viral - but jokes aside, it tells us a lot about the way media orgs treat their staff, esp reporters who work in remote areas," media consultant Omar R Quraishi wrote.  

"Assuming that he isn't sitting, this is downright dangerous and I doubt it very much that he gets life insurance from his employer."