This $5 sandwich from an NZ bakery is taking the absolute piss

funny shit 03/07/2019

If every Tinder date we've ever been on was a sandwich, this would be it.

What's up with our fast food options right now?

Just days after a heated exchange at an NZ McDonald's went viral, a local bakery has made headlines after a photo of a short-filled $5 ham sandwich was uploaded to the Papakura and Takanini Grapevine Facebook group.

Imagine settling in for smoko thinking you've got a beautiful ham sandwich waiting for you, and instead getting two slivers of meat between a couple of bits of bread.

Check out the sad excuse for a sandwich below.


The original poster alleges that the sandwich came from Papakura Bakehouse and while we can't take it as gospel, a few of the comments on the post back up the claim.

Here's hoping the customer successfully found the rest of their sandwich, but we aren't holding our breath.