Dude sends the same Tinder line to two flatmates and gets played

funny shit 30/08/2019

Anyone who's a Tinder regular knows that original content is few and far between - you usually get the same regurgitated pick up lines and bios over and over until you lose all hope.

This dude was pretty shocked though when he sent out the same pick up line to multiple gals and got the exact same response from two seperate matches:

What was his line you ask? It's actually not bad:

Clearly shook by getting the exact same response from two girls, Trention couldn't handle his lie anymore, so he replied to the first girl saying:

"Okay, not gunna lie the weirdest thing just happened. I haven't been on Tinder for a few days so I sent that out to a couple girls and you gave the literal exact same response as another girl,"

"Not sound to sound like a player but whatever, I'm tripped out."

And what'd he get in response? A link to the 'and they were roommates' meme. BOOM.