Dudes hit on 19th century painting of naked lady on Facebook

funny shit 23/08/2019

You can always find gems in the comments section of any female's risqué pics, usually very un-asked-for sexual comments, but mainly making you wish you had the confidence of these lads.

These dudes have taken it to the ultimate level, albeit unintentionally, by hitting on a naked lady who not only is from the 19th century, but also doesn't actually exist. Big lol.

The painting is titled 'After the Bath', by an artist called William-Adolphe Bouguereau. It was painted in 1875, but apparently that doesn't mean a thing to thirsty guys.

Somehow we don't think an oil painting is going to Whatsapp you back...

And this one... mate, just no.

Replying to Kitty's tweet, someone wrote: "Men should exclusively hit on 19th century paintings. Better for everyone." Another joked: "19th century imaginary women never message you back smh".

Look, at least they have the confidence we all wish we had.