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Aussie pub ripped out for advertising 'midget toss' event

News 17/09/2019

Wolf of Wall Street holds a special place in plenty of hearts, and will long be remembered for a scene depicting a man with dwarfism being thrown against a velcro dartboard.

In similar fashion to the hit film, an Australian pub has come under fire after hosting a Wolf of Wall Street themed event and promoting 'midget tossing' as a drawcard.

The Great Northern Hotel in New South Wales advertised an event on Facebook called 'The Wolf Of Watt Street' where attendees could 'toss a midget' at a target, with a free drink offered as a reward.

The event quickly garnered plenty of negative feedback and as a result organisers have removed all reference of 'midget-tossing' as well as issued an apology.

"We are extremely sorry for any offence or reference to our Wolf of Watt St event, with tossing of any people," management reportedly told ABC. "We had no intention of doing so and this was a misguided comment, in reference to the film."

The statement also clarified a doll was set to be tossed, instead of a real person.

Paralympian and former national secretary for the Short Statured People of Australia, Alicia Jenkins, weighed in on the situation.

"I was probably more than gobsmacked," she said. "It is horrifying, it is gut-wrenching, and I suppose my disappointment and my disgust is really hard to put into words.

"It still appears that dwarfism is the last disability that people seem to think it is OK to mock and it is just wrong.

"On a daily or weekly basis, I have people mocking me on the street, trying to take my photo, calling me midget and laughing and pointing at me."