Guy caught trying to smuggle MD into a festival in his foreskin

funny shit 08/11/2019

An Aussie dude was caught trying to smuggle MDMA tablets into Listen Out festival in Melbourne under his foreskin. Big oof. 

Benjamin De Luca was trying to sneak 1.5 pills into the fest when sniffer dogs picked up the scent from his crotch. A search then revealed the drugs, with the police prosecutor telling the court they were "secreted from his foreskin". We don't know if that choice of words was necessary sir. 

De Luca was charged and pleaded guilty for possession of drugs, and was issued a drug diversion notice. He failed to attend the treatment programme though, and in court argued that he was a full-time concreter and wouldn't be able to go.

The dude ended up getting a $1,000 AUD fine, but no conviction was recorded. 

Poor guy, didn't get to attend the fest, had to pay a grand AND lost his pingas. Not to mention his little guy was probably a bit sore after that attempt.