These rest home residents spent lock-down getting drunk tattoos

News 17/08/2020

These wild retirees got up to more than just baking banana bread during lock-down.

It's common knowledge that the elderly are more prone to contracting COVID-19, so rest homes around the world have been isolated from visitors for the most part of this year.

Because of the strict lock-down rules, staff at Texas' Wesley House Assisted Living decided to switch things up a little, by offering their residents alcohol and setting up a temporary tattoo station.

That's right, residents of Wesley House spent their lock-down hitting the booze and getting temporary tattoos. 

Wesley House shared some photos to their Facebook page - a bucket full of drinks, the temporary tattoo station, and some of the residents flexing their new ink.

The post has since gotten just under 100,000 shares and people are all for it.

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