Chick gets drunk AF and accidentally steals a dog

funny shit 18/06/2018

Everyone gets up to some pretty questionable stuff when they're having a few tins, and this girl may have just absolutely topped it.

Toni Robinson from the UK, went on a night out with the girls and got a little bit too cut. So cut in fact, that on her way home, she accidentally stole a dog, and woke up with the canine in her bed with her.

She posted on Snapchat her absolute shock.

She woke up with the wee pup in her bed, and a whole bunch of questions. She had apparently named the dog Violet, and this isn't the first time she's stolen a dog on the way home.

The owner's of Violet, who's actually called Princess, were actually happy that Toni took her, since she had just escaped their property earlier that night.  

Her drunken mistake turned out to be an accidental act of comradery. Nice.