Guy gets caught red handed with marijuana plant in the back of live news broadcast

funny shit 18/05/2018

A TV reporter in the UK, who had his live cross about marijuana interrupted by a man carrying a "suspicious plant", is insisting the outrageously well-timed video is real.

Cameron Tucker from local Kent news channel KMTV was discussing how a local was appearing in court for cultivating cannabis at an unassuming property in Hoath.

In this quiet pretty little corner of the Kent countryside, the cottage just over my shoulder has been where they had been growing cannabis,

The reporter was saying.

At that very moment, a young man emerged from in between the cottages in question, with a large plant in his hands. Upon noticing the camera, the man sprints out of shot.

Mr Tucker, who appeared to turn around and see the man, continued with his live broadcast without so much as a flinch.

After the video was posted online, many doubted its authenticity. However, the Mr Tucker says it was anything but fake news - instead, a case of good timing.

Kent Police told the Daily Mail they're aware of the footage, but cannot associate it with any crimes.