Mum thinks she's found her son's crack spoon, turns out to be something a lot less sinister

funny shit 19/07/2018

Ahhhhh, another sweet tale of parents overreacting their worrisome little heads off.

We're sure you've all had a situation where your mum has completely flipped her shit for no reason, assuming the worst and jumping to the biggest conclusions about what you get up to (maybe she's got every right, but we're not judging here?).

Well this poor lad had his mumzie go in on him for finding a spoon in the garden which she STRAIGHT away assumed was for crack...

Straight from 0 to 100, that's for sure.

The defendant, Jordan Ridehalgh, was away at a festival when he recieved the cryptic message from his mum, passive aggressively asking "What's this in the garden?"

He clearly didn't take the question seriously, informing his his mum it was for a bee he lured out of the house with sugar, but she was having none of it.

According to Jordan, while he was at a festival his parents did a massive clean up outside the house and found the suspicious spoon with something crystalized on it, causing them to start frantically Googling what it could be, drawing them to the crack spoon conclusion.

Luckily after much reassurance and a 10 minute Messenger conversation, Jordan's mum was finally convinced it wasn't in fact drug paraphernalia, and just a big misunderstanding.

Nice work Jordan, not sure if all of us would've gotten out of that one alive.