One in ten people who don't take drugs have cocaine on their fingers anyway

Drugs 26/03/2018

A study has found that drug residue can be found on anyones fingertips, even if you've never touched drugs before in your life!

This means your dinger dust might be going to waste.

The study tested at the University of Surrey, found that 13 per cent of drug-free participants, had traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingertips.

The minute quantities were not enough to be visible or have any chemical impact, but there was enough to trigger highly sensitive detection instruments called mass spectrometers.

The aim of the study was to determine whether a finger print could accurately indicate if someone has recently taken drugs or not.

There are a lot environmental factors that contribute to people having residue on their fingertips (like people who handle money and cocaine being all over cash....).

The study proved that fingerprint testing may not be as accurate as they had hoped due to all these unruly factors. 

Guess no one really safe?