Some UK punter has just been jailed for trying to sneak drugs up his ass into a festival

Drugs 07/12/2018

A UK apprentice has been sent to jail for smuggling drugs into a festival, in a Kinder egg, up his anus. Yeow.

Dominic Lundon, 21, had a snaplock bag with two yellow tablets, as well as a further 48 tablets in a Kinder egg, according to

A sentencing heard that Lundon, a Liverpool man, had gone to the Parklife festival last year with a group of friends.

He was jailed for two years and seven months after pleading guilty to the charges of possessing MDMA with intent to supply.

Prosecution lawyer David Lees said the drugs had been found during a search in one of the festival's performance tents.

Police also seized his mobile phone and uncovered texts going back a month, communicating plans to deal the drugs.

Lundon won the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Apprentice Award from his employer in September. said Lundon's mother works helping drug users in Liverpool, and was shocked to find out the charges.