Study proves that men eat meat to feel more 'manly'

funny shit 15/07/2021

Does eating meat make you feel like a man? Or are you willing to give up a snag and pick up the spinach?

Eating meat can be seen as a stereotypical male activity, whether it's standing over a barbeque or ordering a medium-rare steak. At least, that's what UCLA discovered after polling 1,706 Americans.

The goal of the study was to see if meat-eating reinforces traditional gender roles by asking participants about their existing habits and desire to choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

According to UCLA psychologists Daniel Rosenfeld and Janet Tomiyama, men have a higher tendency of eating meat such as chicken and beef. In fact, men were less willing than women to consider attempting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. As a result, the researchers came to the realisation that men are more likely to follow masculine stereotypes.

The study showed that gender stereotypes are responsible for men eating more meat as a result of the research.