Survey finds friends are having a shitter time travelling than their Insta suggests

travel 20/07/2018

Oh look, another post of a friend showing off what an "omg amazing babes" time they're having on their overseas travels. Standard.

Turns out that the majority of people aren't actually having as good of a time as they like to pretend they are on Instagram. No surprises there really, but now there's been a study to prove it.

Allianz Global Assistance's 10th Annual 2018 Vacation Confidence Index found that more than 1/3 of millennials (those aged 18-34) have intentionally posted misleading images on their social media accounts to make their holidays seem better than they really are.

It also found that 15% of Gen X-ers (35-54) and 5% of Baby Boomers (55+) have posted shots that make their hols seem "cooler".

There were two main reasons for this according to the study: to make their followers envious (obviously) - 65% of people put this, or to compete with others who do the same - 51% of people put this. 

And this may be surprising but its actually men who are more likely to post holiday pics for these reasons rather than the ladies.

Millennials reasons for saturating their social media with travel pics varied: 63% wanted to look back on their trip with rose-tinted glasses, 58% wanted to post pics where they looked good, 52% wanted to hype up the landscape, 37% were posting to provoke envy, and 27% to compete with friends and followers holiday snaps. 

Interesting stuff. Yet we are all still likely to trust that that one friend's "candid" laughing snaps are reflective of how good of a time they're having. It's the lies that hurt guys. I thought we were mates. 

If you want to check out the whole study you can find it here

So basically all our mates travelling at the mo are having a shit time. Cool. We can go back to not being jealous now.