Taking fakeys to the next level, guy gets turned away from club for using ‘Little Britain’ ID

funny shit 06/06/2018

Copping yourself a fakey in your teens to sneak into the club is pretty stock standard stuff to be getting up to. Usually when getting a fake ID, you wrangle an arrangement with someone who looks fairly similar to you, or even an older sibling but this guy has been caught out with the most unsuspecting fakey you’ll ever hear about.

Well, a lad from the UK, tried his luck with the ID pic of a fairly well known TV character.

The character was from none other than the early 2000s comedy ‘Little Britain’, the infamous wheelchair-bound, Andy Scouser.

If you don’t remember him, this is him here:

he guy was refused a drink at a festival once they caught on to what was going on. (Which, let’s be fair, was pretty obvious).

Not only was all the info obviously false on the ID, but the address line even said “yeah I live in a house”.

This is too good, props for trying mate.