This guy trolled festival goers by selling $30 "hotdog water"

funny shit 25/06/2018

Most people are quick to jump on the next fad they hear is super healthy and helps you stay young, and this guy has taken advantage of it in the most hilarious way.

Douglas Bevens from Canada, rented out a tent at a local festival to sell "unfiltered Hot Dog Water". Along with being unfiltered, it was keto-compatitable and gluten free, solg in what looks like bottles of VOS water, except it has a hot dog marinating in the middle.

Bevens was selling the concoction for $30 a pop and PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY BUYING IT.

So even on the warm day it was being sold, gullible punters still wanted to get amongst the apparent health benefits of the lukewarm weiner water.

Bevens is no nutritionist though, he's but a performance artist. Just out here trolling all you bandwagon health nuts.

Next time you see weiner water, just know it's all shit.