Zoo is in deep heat after painting up a donkey and passing it off as a zebra

funny shit 27/07/2018

A 'zebra' has been spotted in a zoo in Cairo that has everyone going "what the fuck?!"

Mahmoud A. Sarhani visited said zoo in Cairo earlier this month, only to discover the place wasn't as legit as he anticipated. When visiting the "zebra" enclosure, a closer inspection saw that this wasn't a zebra enclosure at all.

The poor donkey had been painted up in black and white stripes to pass off as the exotic African animal.

And after posting these pics, many vets and other animal professionals came forward to confirm that yes, this is infact a donkey.


Must be struggling times out there in the zoo world. Guess they gotta hustle some how...

The silver lining? The little guy seems happy enough to get a few pics though, probably more attention than he'd ever hope to recieve.