Someone has created a ‘Nap Desk’ for those really hard days at mahi

Tech 17/02/2019

Ever at work, you’ve just got to that time of day where you’ve hit a wall and all you’re thinking is “man, I could really do with a nap right now…”

Well, your prayers may have just been answered because a Greek designer named Nancy Leivaditou has created a new desk/bed hybrid that is ideal for ANY workplace.

She came up with the idea for the multipurpose piece of furniture while she was balancing study and work in a cramped apartment in New York. It’s made of lacquared wood, metal, and white leather - ideal for an office but also trendy enough for at home.

At this stage, the dreamy invention is not for public consumption as it’s merely a prototype, but GAH DAMN we hope this ends up on the production line.