The nightmare Aussie festival dubbed Fyre 2.0


An Aussie festival has been given the dubious title of Fyre Festival 2.0 after “dangerous” weather and poor organisation led to its cancellation.

Wine Machine is a five day festival traveling across Australia in March and April, but it hit a snag in New South Wales.

While not close to the infamous Fyre Festival in terms of scale - tickets were $150 as opposed to the thousands charged for Fyre - the inclement weather has drawn comparisons. As headlines The Presets were preparing to start their set, a thunderstorm rolled in and was met with calls for cancellation as fans were ushered into the rain.

“When the storm hit, you guys were not concerned about the safety of your patrons,” one unfortunate punter wrote in a social media post that has since been deleted according to Newshub.

“It was ‘how quick can we kick them out into the lightning’. A tree came down in front of us and a guy broke his leg. So much for duty of care. You need to start thinking about your customers and not the $$$. Disgusting.”

The ground at the festival was reduced to a mud pit and over 55,000 attendees reportedly had to be evacuated.

Among other things, if you wanted a drink you faced a long wait as the event was reportedly severely understaffed after an incident with minibuses carrying 32 staff, and if you wanted a feed you weren't in luck either with a punter telling the Daily Mail that the pizza he purchased from at the festival was still frozen in the middle, and had been 'pulled straight out of a packet'. Yum.