Netflix's new horror is making people 'physically sick'

Netflix 30/05/2019

Netflix's latest horror movie The Perfection has kicked things up a notch, with viewers calling it 'sick', 'twisted' and 'disturbing.'

I mean, when the trailer features bugs crawling under skin, maggot-filled vomit and dismembering you know you're on to a winner.

The movie - released earlier this week - stars Get Out villain Allison Williams Dear White People's Logan Browning as a pair of talented cellists from the same prestigious music school.

Things soon go south and the aforementioned horrors take place - maggots, spiders, skin bugs and lost limbs. 

Viewers took to social media after watching to reveal they felt 'physically sick.'

Here are just a few tweets in reaction to the film, which currently holds an 84% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes.

Make sure you check it out, if you think you can stomach it! Catch the trailer up top.