Dutch police release MDMA scented perfume 'Xtacy' to hunt down drug makers

News 07/06/2019

This is pretty genius tbh - police in the Netherlands have come up with a new way to hunt down MDMA labs through a perfume marketing campaign. 

Police departments across the country have been supplied with bottles of a perfume called 'Xtacy', and are holding pop up booths to sample the scent to the public.

While the packaging resembles a high end perfume brand, it smells like actual MDMA - the purpose being to educate the public on what the drug smells like, so they can help to identify ecstasy labs and dumps of ecstasy waste. 

Dutch public prosecutor Antoinette Doedens explained the initiative, saying: "Smell is the most important way that people can recognize an ecstasy lab. That is why we want to spread the smell over the entire country so that everyone knows what to look out for."

Ecstasy and other synthetic drug production poses the risk of toxicity and gases, fire, or explosion, especially when made by amateurs. Hazardous waste is also a huge issue, effecting the health of people, animals and plants - so stopping dumping is of major importance. 

We know most of you won't be able to understand it, but the video below gives you a good glimpse of the pretty damn clever marketing campaign: