Florida punter thought he was buying a villa, ended up with an empty 9 square metres

funny shit 18/06/2019

Some things are simply too good to be true

A punter from Florida thought he had landed the deal of the century when he put down NZ$14,000 in an online auction for a sweet villa. Turns out he had just purchased a strip of land that spanned nine square metres and is valued at just under 80 bucks.

The strip of land starts on a curb and goes under a wall separating two villas in the Tamarac, Florida.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported there isn't a whole lot the deceived man - Kerville Holness - can do about, with the appraiser's site and information on the county's tax site showing no building value.

Should have done his research! Not sure how many parties he'll be throwing in his new 'villa'.