Huntly intended to be the next festival hot-spot

funny shit 12/07/2019

A dark horse in the festival game has emerged with Huntly reportedly trying to become a new go-to for punters. 

Murray Allen is the guy behind this as he intends to transform a crater into a lake to revitalise the bypass town Huntly. He wants the space to be a go-to for surrounding places such as Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. A location for music festivals is the standout reason. 

Mayor Allan Sanson says it "could become quite a good annual festival location, for sure".

"We've got no neighbours much to worry about and we can direct the sound away because we've only got the expressway... we're in an ideal situation to generate some loud music without disturbing people."

"There's endless possibilities."

Can you see yourself hitting Huntly for New Years?