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STI stats crown new Chlamydia capital in NZ

News 05/07/2019

Stay safe out there team!

The numbers say you're more likely to catch an STI if you're living in one of our major cities, but new statistics have crowned the title of chlamydia capital to a tiny region.

New figures released by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research name Gisborne and its surrounding areas chlamydia capital, having the highest rate of the disease in the country followed by the Lakes District - in and around Queenstown - and Hawke's Bay. The figures have been recorded up until March this year.

245 cases of syphilis were reported in Auckland, a staggering number when compared to Canterbury who came in second with 60 cases. Auckland's rate of gonorrhoea was also the highest with 180 cases reported per 100,000 people.

The Institute of Environmental Science and Research confirmed that the population difference helps to explain why cases are so much higher in major cities.

The number of nationwide syphilis cases have increased steadily since 2013, and gonorrhoea rates had increased significantly since 2015.