Tomorrowland Weekend One arrest numbers and drug stats have been released

News 26/07/2019

Tomorrowland Weekend Two is going down right now in Boom, Belgium, and the jealousy is REAL, even with the insane heatwave.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the event's 15th anniversary, and the arrest and drugs stats have now been released.

Tomorrowland Weekend One reportedly saw 24 drug dealer arrests, compared to 63 total being arrested over both weekends last year. 

Police intercepted 820 ecstasy tablets, with 75 being fake (unluggy), 198 grams of MDMA, 153 grams of ketamine, 139 grams of cocaine and nine grams of cannabis.

231 punters were caught for possession and/or use of drugs, according to the public prosecutor's statement - that's not bad considering we'd say at least 90% of the crowd would sureeeeely be on something. The offenders had their wristbands cut, their drugs confiscated, and were handed a fine.

48 other attendees were detained by police for various other reasons, and 42 people were caught trying to enter the festival without a valid ticket.

Just to put this in perspective, about 400,000 people attend Tomorrowland each year, with about 200,000 each weekend - so these numbers are pretty bloody low for people being caught out. 

Weekend Two will likely carry similar stats - if you're lucky enough to be attending, be safe lads and lasses.