16 bricks of cocaine wash up on Florida beach after Hurricane Dorian

News 05/09/2019

After the devastating Hurricane Dorian swept across the Carribean and US mainland this week, one police officer made a pretty good find.

While walking along Paradise Beach in Florida taking stock of damage from the hurricane, an officer from Melbourne Police Department came across a single brick with 'D-I-A-M-A-N-T' written across it. A spokesperson for the department said the brick was "wrapped in a way that was consistent with narcotics".

The brick was taken to be forensically tested, and you guess it - it was coke. 

Soon after, police on a beach 20 miles north of Paradise Beach found a duffle bag with 15 more of the same bricks.

The collective value of the 16 bricks found on the two beaches is thought to be around $400,000 USD (about $628,000 NZD). 

Police aren't releasing any further details because it's now an active investigation, but we wouldn't be surprised if there were more bricks where those came from.