Woman who cut off partners penis sentenced to 13 years in prison

News 27/09/2019

You've got to be next level unstable to cut off a guys dick with garden shears, but that's exactly what 28-year-old Brenda Barattini did. 

After a trial in Cordoba, Argentina, Brenda was found guilty of the attempted murder of her former partner Sergio Fernandez. In November 2017, she viciously attacked Sergio after he allegedly shared sex tapes and intimate images of her with his friends. 

Barattini claimed Sergio treated her "like a trophy", telling the court: "He turned me into a sex object. I was just a s*** for him. He infringed my privacy, my life and my career. Everything has been ruined."

Describing the night of the attack, Fernandez told the court it started out as "bondage sex", explaining: "After she put the blindfold on, she told me I had to guess where she was touching me. She also wanted to tie me up, but I didn't let her. She began to practice oral sex on me. I suddenly felt something. She wanted to kill me in that second."

"I felt like I was going to die, I didn't know she had cut me. I couldn't see anything. I tried to get up, I pulled up my trousers and instinctively grabbed by mobile phone to call an ambulance. I wanted to leave, and she started to insult me. She grabbed my t-shirt, my hair, she wouldn't let me leave."

He was left bleeding on the floor, but thankfully neighbours heard his cries for help.

Images were shared with the media showing the aftermath of the attack, which are pretty brutal. You can see them below. 

Barattini originally told the cops that she'd been defending herself from sexual assault, but later changed her story. The jury unanimously found Barattini guilty on Wednesday this week and she was handed a 13-year prison sentence.

Speaking after the decision, her defence lawyer Lucas de Olmos, said: "No one has ever been convicted in this country of attempted murder for a penis wound."