'Training Day' prequel set in the 90s is in the works

News 11/10/2019

'Training Day', the top-notch 2001 crime thriller that bagged Denzel Washington a Best Actor Oscar, may have a prequel on the way. 

The OG movie followed two LAPD narcotics officers over a 12-hour period in the gang-ridden neighbourhoods of South Central Los Angeles. It was a confronting look at gang life and the lengths both sides will go in order to sell or stop drugs from seeping into the community.

Apparently Warner Bros. aren't done telling the story though. 

According to reports by Collider, Warner Bros. are keen on making a prequel set in 1992, two days before the Rodney King verdict was delivered'.

That decision sparked the LA riots with crowds taking to the streets because they were furious about four police officers walking free after being accused of using excessive force in the arrest and beating of Mr King.

Nick Yarborough has reportedly been asked to write the prequel, which would 'follow a younger version of Alonzo Harris' (Denzel Washington's character).

Denzel's son John, who is also an actor, was suggested as the perfect pick for the role considering he is around the age that Alonzo would have been in the early 90s (Denzel is clearly too old at this stage). 

Nothing is concrete yet, but we'll keep our eyes and ears peeled for any further news.