WATCH: Aaron Paul explains the entire Breaking Bad plot in two minutes

News 11/10/2019

El Camino is here, and you've run out of time to re-binge all of Breaking Bad. Panic stations people. 

Nahhhh relax everyone, Aaron Paul has our backs. The Breaking Bad actor who plays Jesse Pinkman has come to the rescue, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to give a recap of the entire five seasons in just 2.5 minutes. Legend. 

Check out the vid above. 

Before you get your hopes up about a Walter White return though, we're going to crush your dreams right there. Speaking at a press conference before the El Camino release, creator Vince Gilligan said:

"I'm gonna give you that one... Yes, Walter White is dead."

Ok, so any clips of Walter we've seen in the trailers are obviously just flashbacks. At least we know!

The movie is on Netflix tonight (Friday 11th October), so happy weekend watching.