Kiwi lad stops halfway through New York marathon to push disabled runner to the finish line

News 06/11/2019

Another kiwi in the world making us proud to be a New Zealander.

Levi Joule from Newshub reports:

A Kiwi competing in the New York marathon to raise money for charity has gained worldwide attention after sharing the heartwarming moment he helped a disabled runner complete the race.

Ben Parore flew to New York to compete in the New York marathon to raise money for Cure Kids New Zealand.

Halfway through the marathon, Parore who was filming himself at the time, came across Hawaiian competitor James Akaka who was participating in the race in a hand cycle after he was left paralysed by a stroke in 2011.

Seeing Akaka struggling, Parore was given permission by the fellow contestant to give him a push to the finish line. 

Parore says that when he came across Akaka he felt inspired to help. 

"He was giving it his all. He couldn't talk to me but he could hear me... it's like we were supposed to race together," he said.

Speaking to on Monday, Parore said he didn't care about his finish time which ended up being 5 hours and 12 minutes.

"The race was amazing. It's my first time doing the New York Marathon and my heart was so full just being with thousands of people representing their families, cultures and countries.

"I was loving the race, so hyped being on the streets. Wow, what a feeling," he said. 

Parore later posted a picture of the pair on his instagram saying he was "so inspired from my Hawaiian brother I picked up halfway through the race. You gave the race even more purpose for me."

As of Wednesday morning, Parore has raised just under $6500 for Cure Kids New Zealand.