Fake delivery driver steals 3,000 bottles of whiskey worth $36,000

News 06/12/2019

We're not sure if this guy deserves a medal or to be put behind bars tbh...

A Liverpool man posing as a delivery driver stole 3,000 bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey from an unsupervised trailer at McBurney Transport on Dunes Way in Kirkdale on Monday 25th November. The bottles were worth a total of approximately £18,000 ($36,000 NZD). 

The man pulled off the whole theft operation alone, dressing in a high-vis jacket and hard hat to make it look like he worked at the business park. 

You may think it sounds way too simple to work, but it clearly did, with the man able to attach the whiskey-filled trailer to an empty HGV cab before climbing in and driving away. The balls on this man...

Police are now appealing for info relating to the theft, with the trailer being found later an 11 minute drive away, completely stripped of its contents and the crates of whiskey torn out. 

"We’re appealing for information following the high-value theft of whiskey from a premises in Kirkdale," reads the police statement. 

"At around 8.40pm on Monday 25 November, a man wearing a high-vis jacket and hard hat gained entry to McBurney Transport on Dunes Way in an empty HGV cab, and connected the cab to a trailer containing around £180,000 of Jamieson’s whiskey,"

"He drove off and the trailer was later found empty in Atherton Road in Walton."

It's thought that the whiskey will soon make its way onto the black market, if it hasn't already, with police looking into that line of inquiry. 

All we know is someone at that depot is going to be in a shitloadddd of trouble.