WATCH: Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland drops trailer for new show

TV and Movies 30/03/2020

With the second half of Rick and Morty's season four still on the way, co-creator Justin Roiland just dropped a little something to tide us over... the trailer for a new show.

'Solar Opposites' follows 'a family of aliens trying to fit in on this human-infested crap-hole of a planet called Earth' and drops May 8 on streaming service Hulu.

Roiland and fellow co-creator Mike McMahan said, "Solar Opposites is coming! We can only show you the teaser right now, but the whole season will be out in a matter of weeks!"

"Stay inside and stay healthy so you can watch and love this show and call us geniuses and all that shit". 

The eight-episode first season will hopefully hit NZ not long after its US release. Catch the teaser up top!