The French government just ruled out cocaine as a Coronavirus cure

News 10/03/2020

The French government have been forced to send the public an important message when it comes to Coronavirus management.

Cocaine will not cure the disease.

A few fake breaking news images made the rounds on social media reporting that the Devil's dandruff offered a quick fix as a way of beating COVID-19.

Headlines included "Scientists discover how a Class A drug can eradicate an epidemic" and "Scientists is shocked to discover that this drug can cure the virus."

The fake news caused enough concern in France that that French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health took to social media to address it.

"No, Cocaine does NOT protect against # COVID19," the ministry said on Twitter.

"It's an addictive drug that causes serious side effects that are harmful to people's health."

"If there were a cure for the novel coronavirus, we wouldn't count on it being a stimulant like cocaine," it says.

"There is still no cure for the coronavirus."

The threat of the virus has forced cancellations in the dance music world, with the Abu Dhabi and Miami legs of Ultra Music Festival called off due to concerns.

Last week it was reported that COVID-19 had killed more than 3200 people with more than 95,000 cases reported worldwide.