The Chainsmokers and other DJs called out for throwing unsafe raves amidst COVID-19

News 28/07/2020

COVID-19 has hit the rave scene pretty hard across the globe. 

NZ was lucky that we got our sh*t together, beat COVID-19, and were able to hit the raves after a couple months of lock-down. Other countries like America aren't so lucky, but that hasn't stopped DJs throwing unsafe and illegal raves amidst the pandemic. 

The Chainsmokers are at the top of that list, headlining a charity 'drive-in' concert last week, selling enough tickets for 600 cars to fit.

The event page stated the event was "honing in on this opportunity to safely bring people together through a drive-in music experience in the famous summer hot spot, the Hamptons."

The event claimed face masks and hand sanitizer were handed out, but when photos and videos of the event surfaced the following day on social media, there was very little social distancing, face-masks, or even people sitting in their cars.

Kaskade and Lee Burridge are two other DJs that have copped some flack on social media for throwing raves and not following the rules, or any safety precautions.

Not the goods. Lucky we're in NZ eh?