Ketamine and nangs are apparently being used to treat depression in new trials

funny shit 08/07/2020

Ketamine and nitrous oxide are reportedly being used to treat depression in a series of new clinical trials. Where you might ask? Australia. No surprises there.

Researches claim that both ket and nangs can act as antidepressants, with nangs in particular showing promise as a rapid antidepressant and could be used to treat acutely suicidal patients.

Although researches say that the treatment would be done in a clinical setting through a mask, so no need to bring balloons.

Ketamine, a horse tranquilliser that can cause psychedelic effects in humans, is being investigated by the University of NSW to determine if the drug will work as a long-term therapy for depression and "improve anxiety, suicidal ideation and health-related quality of life".

We don't recommend trying your own clinical trials at home, but you might be able to pop into your local lab and get the professionals to sort you out!