George Nights Artist Interview: PIRAPUS

George FM Nights 27/08/2020

Howdy ya little ferrets! Brook Gibson here from George FM Nights. 

Recently I had the pleasure of having a virtual beer with George & Tex, affectionately known as “PIRAPUS”. A producer duo establishing quite the name for themselves in the electronic music scene of Aotearoa.

Open ya peepers & have a squizz over the insights I collected from said “Virtual Beer” 

Question Numero Uno fellahs! It’s been a hot minute since your name first scrolled across my screen. I believe it was during the infamous Locked Down & Loaded Mini Mix Comp I ran, which Pirapus fared pretty well at. So what’s been happening since all of that hooplah?

So much! We’re booked to play Rhythm & Vines 2020, sold out headline shows and have Lee Mvtthews along with the Upbeats giving our latest track props! Stuff that we were dreaming about only a few short months ago! 

Everything kicked off during lockdown when we decided we wanted to take Pirapus a bit more seriously. We’ve been releasing tracks and mixes left, right and centre! Now working towards some big projects which we can’t wait to share with you! Although we usually lean towards the filthy side of dnb, we may even be releasing some dancefloor dnb soon… 

So this track that’s been getting the head nod from Lee Mvtthews & The Upbeats, what’s the crack there?

So the track is called ‘Fragments’ and features the very talented Lauren Pondes (aka PONZ) on vocals. It’s a filthy, neuro monster. We’re not quite sure how to explain it, so you may just have to go listen to it! The song was released on 19th August on Spotify and all your other fav musical platforms. We’ve been absolutely astounded with the support this track has gathered from so many industry and dnb heads. So glad to finally have it released!

The process was super natural; we made a filthy beat, Tex knew Lauren, we recorded some vocals and boom, there you have ‘Fragments’. Got to give a shout out to the don Hailure for mastering the track & to Onoff visuals with Hamish Wilson for providing the visuals/artwork. 

Sounds like just a bunch of solid kiwi roosters all coming together on that one! Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, who’d ya want at kick ons!?

So many names come to mind haha, from what I’ve heard, AC13 sounds like he’d be crack up to get on the piss with. Patrick Gower is def another dream kick ons guest haha. Our rinse essentials have got to include a few boxes of long whites and a beer snorkel, you just can’t say no to those drinks. 

So looking to future ventures, who’d you want to ideally work with on some of your next projects?

Again, quite a few names on that list. Obviously, we'd love to collab with the Lee Mvtthews boys. They’re putting out straight dancefloor heat and I reckon a combination of our sounds would be sick. The Upbeats are another duo who are producer idols of ours that we’d love to collab with. Another super talented producer that we’d love to work with is MYLKY, man’s sound design is on another planet! There are plenty of vocalists we’d like to work with as well, such as MC Tali, Tiki Taane, and Elipsa (who we’ve worked with before on a liquid track). Honestly, so much talent in the NZ DnB scene at the moment, is awesome to see!

When it comes to creating the Pirapus sound, who do you take inspiration from?

In terms of DnB, the Prototypes, Dimension and Noisia are just a few of our major influences. Because we have both studied a lot of different music before dnb, we’re also influenced by a tonne of other stuff. Sometimes it’ll be a classical track that inspires us to create a cinematic intro to a tune, and sometimes it’s the raw guitar from a Led Zeppelin tune that inspires a certain type of riff. Whatever it is, we try to keep our influences varied so we can produce a diverse and interesting sound for our listeners. 

Lastly, once and for all, how do you pronounce Pirapus?

This has been a hotly contested question haha. Hard to actually show via text but we’ll do our best.  The pronunciation is ‘Purr-rah-pus’ all said as one word quickly. Hope that puts some arguments to rest!

Cheers Fellahs!

Check out the latest track from Pirapus below!