A 10 hour rave was thrown in an active volcano

News 12/03/2018

You thought a bush doof was pretty random? Well a group of artists in Greece just organised a gig in the middle of an active volcano's crater.

634 Minutes Inside a Volcano was the name of the event; and was put together by the Onassis Cultural Center and six d.o.g.s, a creative arts space in Athens that has also launched a record label.

For the gig, 15 artists were able to perform, most focusing on classical, jazz, and electronic music.

The whole thing was held in the Stefanos Crater in Volcano Valley, Nisyros, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

It's completely unique, basically the closest you can get to the center of the earth,

Well, this probably wins the prize for best gig venue EVER! Imagine that sound echoing through a crater... Unreal vibes.