Apparently once you turn 30, you stop discovering music

News 19/07/2018

A streaming service from France, Deezer, has recently completed a study trying to figure out at what age people stop discovering music.

Over 1,000 British participants were surveryed for the study, and after the vigorous research they concluded that the average age you reach "music paralysis" is 30.

Apparently the "lull in musical interest" is due to several different reasons. 

  • 19% of participants were overwhelmed by the amount of music choice available to them.
  • 16% say they don't have time to discover new music due to demanding work schedule.
  • 11% are unable to find new tunes due to time being consumed with their children.

According to the study, over half of those who participated wished they had the time to find new bangers, while around 47% of respondents over 30 have simply lost interest.

Deezer's study also discovered that the age of 24 was where your musical interest/discovery levels hit their peak. When you're a musical Charles Darwin, if you will.

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