Coachella and Live Nation are now banning plastic straws from all events

festival 25/04/2018

We all are aware of how bad plastic is for environment, and the ever increasing plastic crisis among our oceans, but it's only recently we're seeing big franchises making a stand against the use of plastic, finding healthier alternatives or just banning the use of plastic altogether.

The latest to jump aboard the "Save The Planet" train are festival heavy-weights, Coachella and Live Nation. The parent company of them, Goldenvoice, have teamed up with environmental campaign For A Strawless Ocean, who's goal is to decrease the amount of plastic we see in our oceans.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem around the world, and it’s exciting to pioneer change by phasing out the use of single-use plastics from our festivals

At future festivals, they'll be using marine-degradable paper straws as an alternative, and hope to slowly introduce more and more initiatives to reduce the use of plastic at their events.