Diplo catches out Kanye West's producer claiming his beats as their own

music news 05/10/2018

One of Kanye West's producers, Dame Dash, has caused a lil controversy after Kanye posted a video on Twitter of Dash flexing a brand new beat that we would assume is well, his own.

In the video, he's quoted saying,

Imma send you this beat (…) had me come cook some shit up, get in the lab. Make shit up. Fuck all that other dumb shit n***a, we in the studio making mothafuckin’ records. And I got more so just let me know.

What's super fucking awkward though, is that this isn't even Dash's song... It's in fact a track Diplo produced around 14 years ago?

Think it could be a yarn? Have a listen for yourself. It's not even a stretch... It's literally the exact same track!

Hmmmmmmmm.... but that ain't none of our business....