Diplo savagely takes down Deadmau5 on Twitter without giving a single f*ck

music news 15/05/2018

We all know Diplo isn't shy when it comes to a good ol' social media roast, and he never seems to take himself too seriously on any of his accounts.

The latest of his online banter to go viral, is a savage roast of another DJ/producer,  Deadmau5, that has everyone losing their shit.

Rapper, Lil Yachty reached out to Twitter to confess his desire to be on a "big EDM track", so that he can perorm at "one of those festivals".

Deadmau5 snarkily replied that he wasn't interested, to which Diplo saw an opportunity he simply couldn't refuse...


That might just be the clap back of the year!!

Lil Yachty then took it upon himself to reply to Deadmau5 as well...

#lataz to Deadmau5.

***George has since learnt that the Diplo account that posted the take down is a parody account.