Everyone's losing their shit over the fact Grant had a secret gf while on Love Island Australia

Love Island 17/07/2018

They only spent six weeks together inside the Love Island villa and two weeks in the outside world but the winning couple are already on the rocks. Crikey.

During a tense radio interview, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp have admitted their relationship is under “massive strain” after claims the electrician had a secret girlfriend turned out to be true.

“He did [have a girlfriend] going into the house,” Tayla told the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday.

“We are still together, we are trying to work through it because obviously that was some exciting news to find out as I left the villa,” she added sarcastically.

In his defence, Grant maintained that his girlfriend had been “well aware” of his plans to go on Love Island Australia, and he had wanted to tell Tayla the truth while they were in the villa.

Tayla said they were hoping to “rebuild that trust” and she had tried speaking to his now ex-girlfriend.

“I felt like this was something I should take upon myself and reach out to her. She didn’t want to talk to me, that’s fine, totally understand that,” Tayla said.

“[Grant and I] are just at the point where we are trying to work through this, it’s obviously put a massive strain on our relationship [since] coming out.”

Speaking to news.com.au after their win Grant downplayed his previous relationship, claiming it had been more of a fling.

“Look I was seeing her prior to the show, she’s a really nice girl. I never wanted it to be more than what it was and I made it very clear to her,” Grant explained.

Ahhhhhh, Grant, not your best form.

Here's a vid of him in his absolute prime though, patting the poor villa cat.