Guy in Spain has police going WTF after he tests positive for every possible drug in test

Drugs 17/08/2018

Spanish police have been left astounded after a driver tested positive for every possible kind of drug officers could check for.

Police in the town of Carcastillo told Euronews that they were called on Saturday (local time) by a neighbour concerned that "several people were getting in a vehicle influenced by alcoholic beverages".

Arriving on the scene, they found a vehicle with six people inside, "all without a belt and one of them on top of another", according to Europapress.

Everyone involved was between 26 and 29 years old.

But a test found more than just alcohol in the man's system. Police also found high levels of cannabis, amphetamines/methamphetamine, cocaine and opiates.

The driver was fined €1000 (NZ$1729) for failing the alcohol test, and another €1000 for failing the drugs test.

He also lost 12 points off his driver's licence and vehicle was impounded.