Harvard Professor calls out coconut oil for the 'pure poison' it really is

News 23/08/2018

Most people know coconut oil for its positive health benefits and rave reviews, with many now substituting more conventional cooking oil with it, but this professor from Harvard is calling coconut oil out, stating it's not the 'superfood' many are lead to believe.

Dr. Karin Michels, a professor at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, has come out guns blazing in a lecture, claiming coconut oil is NOT in fact good for you, contrary to popular opinion.

The reason for her opinion is because we really should be avoiding the saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil, stating that coconut oil is actually 'more dangerous (for you) than lard'.

These saturated fatty acids can clog up your coronary arteries, much like both lard and butter.

Business Insider said Dr. Michels also stated “superfoods” like acai, chia seeds, or matcha are not harmful, but at most she considers them ineffective because the nutrients they’re touted for are available just as readily in other foods that are more easily accessible such as carrots, cherries, and apricots. "We are well and sufficiently supplied," she said.

Other professors have backed Michels claims, adding that there has been no proven evidence of long-term benefits, despite all the claims of wonderful things coconut oil apparently does for you.

This is a good warning to tread with caution around the consumption of coconut oil, and to do your research around it first. To read more about it, click here.