Legalising cannabis would actually be really good for New Zealand, here's why

News 09/11/2018

With NZ's weed debate really heating up on whether we should go forth and legalise cannabis, it seems the deeper we get into the discussion, it becomes less of a question of "why?" and more of a question of "when?"

Newshub recently released a new analysis by top economist Shamubeel Eaqub, who says the legalisation of cannabis in NZ has the potential to be worth around $240m to us. Holy hecka!

Who doesn't know somebody who's smoked pot? Everybody knows somebody... and if you haven't done it, you're missing out,

Mr Eaqub looked at the cost benefit of legalising cannabis and decriminalising the possession and use of all drugs. 

Close to $13 million would be saved by treating drugs as a health concern rather than a crime, he claims - and there could be $83 million in social savings, for example because there'd be fewer people in prison.

Green MP, Chlöe Swarbrick is a big supporter of this, claiming a lot of those sitting in parliament are kinda hypocritical (considering "everyone's done it") but those not affected by the consequences of the law, are the ones dictating whether it should be legal or not and deciding the the fates of those that are in less fortunate positions.

We're really happy to see the conversation so open about it.

The Government has promised a referendum on legalising cannabis on or before the next election.

Sourced from Newshub.