New Zealand has finally passed our medicinal cannabis bill

News 12/12/2018

It's been a while but we finally made it, the NZ government has just passed the medicinal cannabis bill. 

So what does this mean?

Patients in NZ who suffer chronic pain from terminal illnesses are now one step closer to having access to quality medicinal cannabis products.

This does not mean anyone can now consume medicinal weed from this point forward. While NZ waits for the industry regulations to "catch up", it is still illegal, however, patients smoking illegal cannabis to ease their pain during this period have "statutory legal defence if facing prosecution.

Health Minister, David Clark, stated:

People nearing the end of their lives should not have to worry about being arrested or imprisoned for trying to manage their pain.

This now clears the way for NZ companies to legally manufacture medicinal cannabis products for both local and international markets. Clark also stated that the rules, regulations and quality control standards will be shaped by expert advice within the next year.

For now, we wait.

Information sourced from Vice NZ.