Ol' Paula Bennett tries to call out Jacinda Ardern... then Twitter roasts her right back

News 10/05/2018

In more news of subtle political beef, Paula Bennett has released a tweet to the interweb that we think she might soon regret.

Bennett tried to call out Jacinda Ardern, for her recent collaboration with Sniffers to create her very own Kiwi music Spotify playlist in light of May being New Zealand Music Month. 

Paula essentially accuses Aunty Cinda of not using her time wisely, and that being a Prime Minister is a full time job, and making playlists is not something she should reeeeaallly have time for...

Twitter users disagreed and have come in hot with some HILARIOUS comebacks.

The best reply though, was one that really put salt in the wound and showed how hypocritical the tweet really was.

Unlucky Paula, you know everyone is more than just a minister right?

Here's Jacinda's playlist if you're keen for a listen: