Some screaming woman got thrown off a Jetstar flight for hitting the staff with a Bible

WTF 28/05/2018

A raging woman has been kicked off a Jetstar flight in Australia after screaming and hitting staff with a Bible.


The woman was on a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, 9 News reported, when about 20 minutes in she became agitated.

The 47-year-old began loudly chanting and singing, upsetting children on the flight. When attendants asked her to calm down, she tried to hit them with her holy book.

When the arduous two-hour flight was over, she was escorted off the plane by Australian Federal Police.

Once in the terminal, the woman allegedly became agitated and aggressive and refused to comply with directions from AFP officers,

Police told 9 News.

She reportedly kept screaming once on land.

"For the welfare of the woman, an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital for physical and psychiatric assessment."