Supermarkets in Aussie had to pause their plastic bag ban because customers just couldn't handle it

News 02/07/2018

One of Australia's biggest supermarket chains, Woolworths, had to partially revoke their plastic bag ban, for a short period of time.

Woolworth's have just rolled out a new campaign in which shoppers are asked to buy reusable plastic bags for 15c, as they will no longer provide free plastic bags. They are hoping to decrease plastic wastage and encourage shoppers to be more environmentally conscious.

For this period of time the ban is being paused, shoppers will be offered the 15c reusable plastic bags for free, since there was an absolute kick up from angry Woolie's shoppers engulfing social media. It's a national crisis.

Despite the plastic bag ban being heavily publicised on Facebook and all throughout the Woolworth's stores, a lot of customers still managed to miss the memo. This has caused them to roll back the ban for now, at least till more people are made aware of the ban.

The managing director of the supermarket, Claire Peters, had this to say:

This will not only help support customers as they work to form new habits but also ensure they’ll have reusable bags available for shopping at Woolworths.


While a lot of people attacked Woolie's on social media complaining aboutr the ban, there were even people complaining that the reusable plastic bags they were now selling jusr weren't good enough...

C'mon people, just bring some reusable hessian bags and save the fucking turtles.