The founder of shit-show Fyre Festival has now also been done for selling fake tickets to Coachella

News 03/07/2018

The founder of the absolute trainwreck that was Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland, has just been done for even more fraudulent shit, now being caught out selling fake tickets to big events such as Coachella and the MET Gala. 

He was caught doing so while out on bail for his previous charges related to Fyre Festival, managing to rake up more than $100,000 from selling the fake tickets to unfotunate buyers.

Is this guy for real?

He sold the tickets through a company run by himself called NYC VIP Access, hiding his involvement by sending all the proceeds to other people's bank accounts.

These charges now add a third count of wire fraud onto his existing two counts, as well as a count of money laundering. When will this guy ever learn...